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Adapt to the new accounting law by maintaining your ERP system

Specifically, by having your current ERP system transformed with modules that make it compliant with the new regulations - and maintain your setup...

Schedule a demo with one of our advisors or call us at (+45) 86 72 60 00 if you have any questions, so you can be compliant within a few hours.

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Choose a package based on which accounting/ERP system you want to make compliant with the new accounting law and the requirements for custom-developed systems.

Compliance Portal

For those who want to maintain their ERP system and become compliant with the accounting law for custom-developed ERP systems
For all companies regardless of which ERP/accounting system is used

(except C5, XAL, NAV, and Business Central on-premises)

Includes all optional modules:

  • Receipt of e-invoices
    OIOUBL + PEPPOL (§ 5.1-2 )
  • Sending of e-invoices
    OIOUBL + PEPPOL (§ 5.1-2 )
  • Backup status of data and backup of mandatory PDF attachments (§ 4.1 )
  • SAF/T data sharing (§ 5.3)
  • Bank reconciliation (§ 5.4)
  • Reconciliation difference (§ 5.5)
  • Generation of accounting procedure (§ 6)
  • Documentation and guide for securing mandatory data backup from ERP system for use by auditor or during authority control visits
  • Free support
  • Ongoing maintenance of modules and documentation
Price, setup 2.495,-

License/month 495,- free all of 2024 + possibly 1.87 per PDF attachment

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Compliance for custom-developed accounting systems

Even if your current ERP system is not on the list of pre-approved systems, there is no need to switch to a new ERP system.

With compliance from Digisense, your current ERP system can be transformed to meet the new accounting law within a few hours - significantly cheaper and faster than switching to a new system. And you thus maintain your current setup.

See an example of how it went for David Superlight in Ugeavisen here.

This is how the compliance portal works

Once you have gained access to your compliance portal, it will contain all the functions/modules (see package above) you need to comply with the requirements for non-registered bookkeeping systems in Denmark and become compliant with the Bookkeeping Act.

The red arrow indicates where you can retrieve your documentation on compliance with the new bookkeeping act with a single click.

complianceportal til bogføringsloven

Introduction to the Compliance Portal - Step 1

Guidance on bringing the company's existing bookkeeping system up to par with the requirements of the Bookkeeping Act.

Onboarding on the Compliance Portal - Step 2

See how to access and use the compliance portal. Guidance on bringing the company's existing bookkeeping system up to the requirements of the Bookkeeping Act, through access to the Compliance Portal.

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